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5 (slightly weird) Effects From Having Acupuncture

These are my five slightly weird effects that you may experience when you have acupuncture.

You start to dream more.

You feel unusual yet fascinating sensations.

You laugh or cry (or both!)

You start getting things done!

You feel better but can’t put your finger on why!

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You start to dream more

Sounds odd I know! How can acupuncture make you dream more? Well, this can partly be explained by acupuncture’s relaxation benefits simply helping you to get a better night’s sleep.

Acupuncture can help to rebalance a disturbed sleep-wake cycle and to soothe an overactive nervous system.

Additionally, one of acupunctures unique healing qualities is that it helps us to resolve unexpressed emotions that are stored in our body. Chinese Medicine recognizes the power of our thoughts and our emotions to either negatively or positively affect our health.

These unexpressed emotions cause energetic blockages that affect our “Qi”. Let’s discuss what Qi is and its importance to our wellbeing!

Qi is one of the fundamental concepts of Chinese Medicine. It is known as our “vital life-force”. It is the energy behind all forms of life. In order for us to experience wellness, our Qi needs to be able to circulate freely and we also need enough Qi to prevent us from becoming “Qi deficient”.

Acupuncture treatment seeks to diagnose the imbalances in your Qi and then use specific acupuncture points, to bring balance by removing blockages where there has been stagnation. After that we start to build your Qi where there is a weakness.

Now, although excessive dreaming can be due to an imbalance. Dreams can also be understood as the subconscious mind processing our emotions and any issues that are affecting our lives.

What will I dream about?

This really is different for everybody but common themes include, dreaming about a past relationship and developing a deeper understanding of the dynamic at that time. This can help to let go of past hurt and acknowledge and release any anger we may be holding onto.

Dreaming about work can also be a frequent occurrence. This is not surprising considering the amount of time we spend working, some of my clients work for 10-12 hours per day! It isn’t unusual for there to be aspects of work or lifestyle choices that are made because of work that are impacting on peoples vitality. 

Dreaming can provide us with an awareness of how situations are affecting us. Once we have this “awareness” then we can decide how we act upon it. 

For example, If you feel you are working too many hours, is there a way you can change this. Working one day from home perhaps. Maybe you realize you don’t like asking for help. Or could your diet be a source of your low energy levels?

Acupuncture can help to enhance your self-perception skills and we can obtain helpful information from within ourselves which can be communicated to us via our dreams.

Having dreams in this way usually coincides with the first 2 -3 treatments as the body rebalances. Essentially this is part of the healing process of acupuncture that allows us to release the past so that we can have the freedom to move forward.

You feel unusual yet fascinating sensations.

I often get asked how does acupuncture feel? It can be hard to explain what you will feel when you have acupuncture as people describe their experience of the process very differently. 

Typically, during a treatment people feel a deep dull ache or a tingling at the location in which the needle is inserted. The dull ache quickly releases into a heavy feeling that leads to an incredibly relaxed state. Often people stay deeply relaxed for the whole treatment and many tell me that they wish they could stay on the treatment couch all day.

What surprises most people is that sometimes they can feel energy “Qi” move along the meridian (energy circuits of the body) When an acupuncture point on that meridian is needled. People will say “wow, I just felt that travel all the way down the outside of my leg and into my foot”. I say “yes that’s the stomach meridian” and show them that meridian on a diagram. 

Another common effect that people can observe is that when a point is needled on their hand, they may feel a sensation in a totally different part of the body such as their throat.

This is due to the interconnectedness of the meridian system which means that each part of your body affects another. This is why for instance we can use an acupuncture point on your ankle to help with your back pain.

You laugh or cry (or both!)

As we have learned when discussing the effects that acupuncture can have on our dreams, acupuncture treatment helps to support us emotionally.

This can mean that it can help us with feelings that we may have struggled with for a long period of time such as feelings experienced in childhood and during our school years. As well as this it can also help us with emotions that have happened more recently such as those that have occurred when we were subjected to a confrontation at work or we have been arguing with a partner or loved one. Regardless of the reason, acupuncture can help!

Emotions are designed to flow and in an ideal world, we would be able to express our emotions as they unfold but how many of us have grown up thinking that it was ok to do this?

Sometimes, it may not have seemed appropriate or acceptable to have communicated how we felt and so we internalized our true feelings. These emotions don’t just go away, they stay inside our body creating tension and unease.

When we use acupuncture to release blockages in our Qi we can experience a usually brief emotional release, for some people this can be a simple sigh followed by a sleepy sensation caused by the relaxation benefits of acupuncture.

For others, they experience a brief moment of tears and for some laughter as nervous tension is finally leaving our body. This process doesn’t usually last long and a quick release is followed by deep restfulness.

The result of this “emotional release” is normally that afterwards you feel sooo much better!

You start getting things done!

Sounds crazy right!

That those jobs and other things you must do but have been dreading and you should have done yesterday, that you’ve promised yourself you’ll do tomorrow (which obviously never quite happens) start getting done and would you believe it …with ease!

How? I hear you ask

The best way for me to explain how this can happen is by describing some of the physical benefits that having acupuncture can bring and how they can lead to an increase in your productivity.

Firstly, as acupuncture nourishes and supports energy levels it results in us having that little bit of extra oomph to get up and get things done! 

Secondly, acupuncture helps us to still our mind and this “stillness” gives us peaceful clarity allowing us to carry out tasks without experiencing overwhelm from the vast amount of things that we must do.

Thirdly, acupuncture helps to rebalance our Liver Qi. According to Chinese Medicine, the health and balance of our organs can affect the state of our mind. The Liver affects our ability to plan and to motivate ourselves, it is also related to our eyes both physically and metaphorically as (when in balance) it helps us to see more clearly what we should be doing.

Bath Acupuncture Joy

You feel better but can’t put your finger on why!

This is one of the benefits of having acupuncture that has perplexed my clients the most. There just seems to be well, more “positivity in the air. This positivity may manifest as having an overall greater interest in our life, or we may be inspired to try something new that we wouldn’t normally consider. 

We may become aware of a passion or goal that we have and develop ideas of how we can accomplish it. We might start observing things we hadn’t really paid attention too or appreciating circumstances in our life that we had previously given little consideration too. 

Our social interactions can improve as we feel a little more chatty and reach out to others more. This slightly intangible yet profound change in our being is due to acupunctures ability to touch our spirit. Chinese Medicine has a name for this spirit, it is called Shen. When our Shen shines brightly our whole being does too!

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