About Me - Stacey Beckitt - Acupuncturist

I didn’t plan a career in alternative therapies but am really glad that this is where my journey has led me.

I grew up in Bristol and immediately after school I studied musical theatre but at age 20 I began to have health problems that could not be helped with allopathic medicine. This drew me to look at alternatives offered by various forms of holistic healing including acupuncture. Ultimately I came to have many experiences of a healing energy that through my training would become known to me as Qi.

I felt drawn to train in acupuncture because the theory of Chinese Medicine was fascinating and it contributed to a big change in my philosophical view of life. In 2004 I began training and graduated from the London College of Traditional Acupuncture in 2008. I obtained BSc (Hons) LicAc enabling me to start my practice.

I have practised facial acupuncture and acupuncture for womens health in Harley St in London, in Hove and in Bristol. Now I have my partner and 2 children and have settled here in Bath. I love the nurseries, schools and all the opportunities the city offers them.

Since graduating I have continued on to postgraduate study including Facial Acupuncture and have also undertaken training in different areas of alternative health including Health Kinesiology, Emotional Freedom Technique and Allergy Antidotes. I have a particular interest in nutrition and how this can be used alongside acupuncture. Every food has an energetic quality and depending on ones condition certain foods will be more beneficial than others. I have written an article on facial acupuncture for Yoga magazine and have contributed to Natural Health magazine on their article on the treatment of arthritis. I have also contributed to local publications writing about womens health and stress and relaxation.

I am always happy to talk about acupuncture, modern ways to health, nutrition, children, healthy chocolate, whatever? Please feel free to contact me and ask a question without any obligation.

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