The Benefits of Acupuncture

Acupuncture has been helping millions of people for thousands of years and it continues to grow in popularity. There are many styles of acupuncture but almost all work to an holistic model where the principle aim is to establish a balance of energy. The human body has incredible power to heal itself but sometimes a little guidance can be beneficial. Ultimately acupuncture can be of benefit it almost any situation or with almost any medical condition because it treats people and not diseases.

What to expect when you come for treatment with me:

When I first meet a client I take a full case history so I can gain as much insight as possible into their condition and the best way to help them. This is because although two people may present with the same health complaint the cause of the condition is often different. So treatment is tailored to the person rather than to the condition.

There are many Acupuncture points on the body and depending on your condition they may be selected on your arms, legs, torso or back. After your consultation very fine needs are inserted into these points, at this point people usually start to feel very relaxed.

I may also incorporate other healing modalities of Traditional Chinese Medicine such as Gua-Sha, using a specialist tool to help to reduce pain and inflammation or Tui-Na (Chinese Massage). More commonly I use cupping where glass or plastic cups are placed on the body in either fixed or sliding positions. Cupping can be used to release pathogens from the body, promote detoxification from tissues, relax muscles, release tension, break up congestion and strengthen the body.

After the treatment, when appropriate I will offer lifestyle advice. This is usually nutritional but can include environmental or self massage techniques that can be applied between treatments.

I am always happy to discuss acupuncture without obligation so please feel free to mail me if you have any questions.

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