Facial Acupuncture treatment - Somerset

The Acupuncture Facial

The Acupuncture Facial

During your first appointment with me I will take a full case history, this allows me to gain an accurate understanding of how your health may be influencing your overall wellbeing. Alongside this I use Chinese facial diagnosis to provide me with further insight of the balance of your internal system. Using all this information I select specific acupuncture points on your body that will restore the harmony of qi throughout your meridian system. This will have the effect of enhancing your complexion as stagnant energy and toxins are cleared from the body.

For your more specific concerns i.e certain areas of the face, acupuncture points are usually selected in close proximity to the area being treated. As well as other acupuncture points on the face that are used for their more generalized effect of enhancing radiance and releasing tight facial muscles.

Although facial acupuncture works energetically throughout the body it is also able to improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles by increasing the production of collagen. This result is achieved through the insertion of tiny needles inside a particular line. Whilst the needles are in place energy starts to flow and re-balance of meridian system is gained, this helps the body rejuvenate at a deep level.

Once the needles are removed the last stage of your treatment is an acupressure face massage. This is deeply relaxing yet invigorating at the same time. Further acupuncture points are stimulated during this massage and this part of the treatment has a lovely effect of creating a soft and relaxed appearance. This is particularly beneficial to of those of us who hold a lot of tension in our faces. After treatment my clients have often remarked that this gave them awareness of how much they have been frowning.


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